Technics Debuts Ottava S SC-C50 Chromecast Wireless Speaker System at Munich High End 2018

The “new” Technics marches on. With its steadfast focused on premium audio products, the relaunched brand has expanded well beyond the DJ-friendly turntables that are the reason most people recognize the name. At Munich High End 2018, the company debuted a network wireless speaker system, the memorably-named Premium Class OTTAVA S SC-C50.

Competing in a market dominated by Sonos surely poses challenges when it comes to points of differentiation. Technics solved the multiroom streaming ecosystem issue by including Chromecast. You’ll find a hint at the company’s thinking in the name itself, where that standalone “S” means “style” per the press release. But this device is also about audio hardware and technology, namely squeezing hi fidelity into compact form factor.

Technics touts the use of load-adaptive amplifier technology, which provides automatic, real-time impulse response correction. The gist of the literature is that this approach allows for “ideal” frequency response and phase characteristics.

The Ottava S SC-C50’s enclosure Houses three med ranges, three treaters, and one “subwoofer” driver. Technics says it uses a “directivity-control horn” to keep the channels distinct and therefore allow the SC-50 to produce a stereo soundfield. A 3.1-channel amp powers the unit and delivers 20 W each to the three speaker channels in the unit plus 40 W to the “subwoofer.”

Aside from wireless connectivity with WiFi, inputs include one optical digital jack, one auxiliary input with a 3.5 mm stereo jack, USB–A, and Bluetooth. Supported digital formats are as follows:

WAV up to 384kHz / 24bit
FLAC up to 384kHz / 24bit
DSD 2.8MHz, 5.6MHz
AIFF up to 384kHz / 24bit
AAC up to 96kHz / 320kbps
WMA up to 48kHz / 320kbps
MP3 up to 48kHz / 320kbps

One key feature of the Ottava S SC-C50 is Space Tune. No, not outer space… inner space. As in your room. This technology provides room correction for better sound, wherever the unit is placed.

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