DALI Callisto Wireless Speakers with BluOS NPM-1 Module Announced

The ideal device for audio reproduction in the home, at least for most people, is a networked smart speaker that is small, convenient, yet sounds great. BluOS has been around and is a mature networked audio ecosystem that emphasizes fidelity along with wireless capability. So, it is not a huge surprise that BluOS powers a new upgrade module for DALI’s Callisto wireless active speaker system called the BluOS NPM-1, that was previewed at the Munich High End show that took place last week.

With this move, DALI joins two other brands and almost 20 products that already support BluOS, NAD and Bluesound. BluOS Product
Manager, said “We know DALI’s fans are passionate about music and we look forward to providing them the means for Hi-Res music discovery and multi room enjoyment through the BluOS implementation option.

Adding the NPM-1 module to a Callisto system grants it hi-res multi-room networked audio powers. DALI’s Callisto is already lifestyle friendly, with Bluetooth connectivity, touch sensitive volume control, and active class-D amplification built into these wireless speakers.

DALI’s new callisto speakers, launched at Munich High End this year, get a signal from a DALI Sound Hub, which is where the BluOS module slots into one of the two expansion ports. There are two speaker options, the Callisto 6 C 3-way tower with dual 6.5″ woofers and both a soft dome and ribbon tweeter, plus the Callisto 2 C stand mount 3-way speaker that only has one woofer. The company also sells dedicated stands with built-in cabling and termination, for an ultra-clean look.

You need only take a brief look at what DALI is doing to determine that it is serious about sound and making sure lifestyle audio does not come at the expense of fidelity. These are serious speakers and BluOS provides a mature platform to deliver streaming channels in hi-res fidelity. It’s real-deal audiophile gear, without the legacy baggage of physical formats.

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